3 Day / 2 Night Birdsville and Betoota Stories 3 Day / 2 Night Birdsville and Betoota Stories

Explore the isolated frontier town of Birdsville and discover inspiring stories of early pastoralists and Aboriginal people. Visit the ghost town of Betoota, where the population swells from 0 to 2000 during two annual events including the famous Betoota races.  

On arrival into Birdsville, call into the Wirrarri Information Centre and have a look around at the displays of souvenirs, local art, photo gallery and regional history dont forget to grab your town map to guide you to all the local attractions.

Your outback Queensland adventure to the far west wouldn't be complete without a tour to some of the amazing local attractions.  Birdsville and Betoota are RV, Caravan, and 4WD friendly with plenty of accommodation, camping and site options available.  The towns welcome tourists, grey nomads, backpackers, campers and family visitors alike.


DAY 1:  Birdsville

Go back in time: 

Begin your day with a morning walk around town. Wander down the main street to explore the Royal Hotel ruins. Built in 1883 as Birdsville’s second hotel, it later became the towns first hospital.  Today it is privately owned and listed with the National Trust.  Next you may visit the Australian Inland Mission Hospital for an insight into how medical services were delivered in the early 1900s.

Follow the Diamantina River Trail: 

Head down to the Diamantina River Bridge and take in the local birdlife, before wandering over to the Bourke & Wills slashed tree for a look. Not too far from there is the Old Diamantina Crossing, an ideal spot for a picnic or ‘smoko’.  You may also like to take a drive out to the famous Birdsville Race Track, just a couple of kilometres down the road.

Learn an Aboriginal Dreamtime story: 

Driving back into town, stop at the Two Boys Dreaming site. Stroll down the short walking trail and read about the fascinating Aboriginal Dreamtime story of “Two Boys Dreaming”.

Time to have a Lunch break:

Head over to the Birdsville Hotel and grab a bit to eat and sample one of the many refreshments they have to offer the thirsty travellers. Spend some time viewing the quirky historical pieces and photographs hanging on the walls.


Relax at Pelican Point: 

Wind down and relax for a while at the Birdsville Billabong. Pelican Point is the perfect place to do this as it offers seating, shade, and scenic water front views with ample bird watching.

See the Aboriginal Meeting Place:

Relax at the Aboriginal Meeting Place, another of the 3 sculptures in the Shire designed by members of the native Wangkangurru/ Yarluyandi tribe.

Escape to the sunset on Big Red: 

For a perfect way to end a day in Birdsville,  

Overnight at Birdsville

Big Red


DAY 2:  Birdsville to Betoota.  (Approx. 170kms / 3hrs)

Marvel at the Dreamtime Serpent: 

Wake to another memorable desert sun rise then prepare for your three-hour drive to Betoota.  See the amazing Dreamtime Serpent, one of three sculptures in the Diamantina Shire designed by members of the native Wangkangurru/ Yarluyandi tribe. The Dreamtime Serpent is a work of art representing a series of pathways travelled through Country to connect the river systems in the Channel Country of the Diamantina Shire.  See the creative application of locally sourced gravel and gibbers in this hillside artwork.

                           Serpent Betoota       

Sit atop Deon’s Lookout: 

Relax at the elevated Deon’s Lookout and enjoy the expansive 360-degree views.  With a dedicated rest area, picnic table and toilets, this is the perfect spot to stop for a bit of morning smoko or lunch

Dream about the beer at this pub:  

Head back to the ghost town of Betoota and explore the once lively Betoota Hotel standing very lonely on a vast gibber plain. Betoota was originally set up as a customs post to collect tolls for stock as they travelled to South Australia.  It was also a Cobb & Co change station. Tonight, sleep under the stars after setting up camp in the popular Browns Creek camping area.

Overnight Betoota – Browns Creek camping.


DAY 3:  Betoota to Birdsville.  (Approx. 170kms / 3hrs)

Return to Birdsville: 

After a relaxed desert breakfast and perhaps some critter hunting, travel the three-hour drive back to Birdsville to learn more about the locals, their stories and their way of life.
Step back in time:   Visit the Birdsville Court House,  an important link with the early pastoral settlement and Birdsville’s pre-Federation role as a border post.  The building is one of only three surviving masonry buildings in Birdsville.

Power up at the Geothermal Power Station:  

Discover where approximately 25% of Birdsville’s power is generated at the Geothermal Power Station, the only one in Australia. Just around the bend from the power station is the Artesian Bore Head and Outlet which powers the Geothermal Power Station.

Marvel at the Waddi Trees:  

Take the short 14km drive to the rare and ancient Waddi Trees, considered to be 500-1000 years old, and one of only three such groups of Waddi Trees left in Australia.

Watch a local film:  

The Wirrarri Information Centre plays the “Diamantina Spirit”, a 55-minute film on the way of life in the remote and isolated Diamantina, which includes interviews with locals.

Grab a fishing rod: 

Try your luck and throw in a line to see if you can catch a Yellow Belly or Black Brim in the Diamantina River at the Old Crossing.

Enjoy a ‘coldie’: 

Order a drink and take a look around Birdsville Hotel’s Dining Room, Lizard Bar, and Public Bar, and all the historical items, paraphernalia, photos and history on display.

Overnight at Birdsville

There are so many amazing attractions and events in The Diamantina, and your outback Queensland adventure to the far west wouldn't be complete without experiencing some of them.  Remember, both Birdsville and Betoota are RV, Caravan, and 4WD friendly with plenty of accommodation, camping and site options available.  Birdsville