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The people, the places and the love of the country is what makes the Spirit of the Diamantina. These are the stories of the people, both Aboriginal and European, who witnessed a time when traditional culture was still the norm, horse transport was common and town power was still just a dream.

Frank  (Bully) Booth 

Renowned cattleman. He has spent his whole life in the saddle or on a motorbike, working as a stockman.


Frank ( Bully) Booth


David & Nell Brook

Successful and respected entrepreneurs. Together they share life on the land, cultural associations and friendships. Having an ongoing connection to the Diamantina

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Barbra Chester

Birdsville nurse with the Royal Flying Doctors from 1961 –1965.

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Robert (Bob) Cottam

Veterinary surgeon, who came from Scotland in 1980, to the Diamantina to assist with the national program for the eradication of TB and Brucellosis.

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Joyce Crombie

A proud local Aboriginal woman, born and raised on the fringes of the Simpson Desert. A housemaid, wife, fencer, mother and a councillor

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Jan Douglas

A true character of the Diamantina. She was the child of many generations of western frontiers people. Her recollections of growing up at Cameron Downs and her visits to her relatives’ hotel in Birdsville in the early 60s and 70s are both romantic and astounding.

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Helen Greisheimer

Was raised on the stone covered plains of the Roseberth Station. The daughter to legendary stockman Lyle Morton and pioneer nurse mother Phil Morton. Helen brings memories of a simple but happy life in an isolated world to the present day listener.

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Trevor White

Family man and stockman. Manager of Cameron Downs. Trevor’s iconic country style in explaining his respect and adoration for the Diamantina, paints a picture of the true understanding of the land, he works on still to this day.

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The tracks are also available on Soundcloud - Diamantina Spirit.