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Have you been in The Diamantina but don't have anything to show for it? Are you looking for unique gift ideas?

Or do you need some maps to plan your trip to The Diamantina? We got it all!

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$13 Wine Goblets

300ml Stainless Steel Wine Goblet with TheDiamantina logo

$20 Welcome to Country Tea Towel

‘Two Sisters Talking’, Anpanuwa (Joyce Crombie) and Aulpunda (Jean
Barr Crombie) share cultural knowledge and stories about ‘Love for

$25 Children’s Talking Book

Language of the Munga-thirri (Simpson Desert People) Birdsville (Wirrarri)
As told and Illustrated by: ‘Two Sisters Talking’ (Kaku-pula Wangka Thimpa-rda (Anpanuwa) Joyce Crombie and (Aulpunda) Jean Barr- Crombie

$25 Dreamtime Serpent Canvas

The Dreamtime Serpent is a work of art representing a series of pathways travelled through Country to connect the river systems in the Channel Country of the Diamantina Shire.


$30 Outback Cop Book - signed by Neal McShane

Neale McShane The Birdsville police posting is one of the most remote in Australia. It can be extremely lonely and incredibly busy at the same time. Nothing might happen for weeks or months, then problems come crawling out of the woodwork.

$30 Tom the Outback Mailman- Children Book

This book is a tribute to an everyday Aussie. This book will make an excellent addition to any library and private collection and is ideal for children in their first few years of primary school.

$75 Hema Desert Tracks Map Pack


A durable map wallet that houses Hema's iconic maps: Western, Central, Eastern Sheet and Great Desert Tracks Simpson Desert Map

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