Burke and Wills Tree

Birdsville, Queensland

Burke and Wills Tree

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On August 20, 1860, Robert O’Hara Burke and William John Wills set out from Melbourne to chart a course to the Gulf of Carpentaria, which was the first south-north crossing of Australia. The team of 13 men and 20 camels carried over 20 tonnes of provisions. Though successful in their quest, both Burke and Wills perished on their return journey. Seeds from a Waddi Tree found in the diary of Wills verify their passage through the Birdsville region.

The Burke and Wills Tree is located approximately three kilometres from Birdsville and is said to mark one of their final campsites before they reached the Innamincka area, where the famous Dig Tree stands.

Follow over the bridge towards the stables to find the Burke and Willis Tree.

Burke and Wills Tree


Adelaide Street, Birdsville, Queensland 4482

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