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The Diamantina Shire prides itself in providing the community with an accessible road network. Below are approximate distances between major centres and other popular destinations. Distances will vary dependant on the route taken. When travelling on outback roads, be sure to drive to the road conditions and watch out for wandering stock and wildlife.

Visitors should carry appropriate means of communication, and be aware that mobile coverage is very limited in the shire. When travelling in the region we strongly suggest carrying at least two spare tyres and adequate drinking water. If you do break-down please stay with your vehicle.

The Diamantina Shire welcomes travellers from across Australia to the far west on their outback Queensland adventure.  The Diamantina is an RV, Caravan, 4WD and Grey Nomad Friendly region with the most amazing events and outback experiences.  When travelling, it's important to do so safely, so we've provided some important information to make your journey safe and enjoyable.


Brisbane to Birdsville  1585km

Brisbane to Bedourie  1590km

Adelaide to Birdsville  1207km

Adelaide to Bedourie  1403km

Mt Isa to Birdsville  717km 


Mt Isa to Bedourie  516km

Longreach to Birdsville  692km

Longreach to Bedourie  754km

Windorah to Birdsville  385km

Windorah to Bedourie  384km


Desert Driving 

Radio Tips: 

Constant radio watch/chatter and scan Channel (10). Satellite phones are available for hire form the Wirrarri Information Centre and Mt Dare. All vehicles must be fitted with a safety flag. Please find here the Safety  requirement.

Most Common Questions and Answers:

Do I need a permit to visit Poepells Corner?
No, but you must stay in Queensland, and be warned, the trip will take at least 8 hours one way.

Do I need a camping permit for the desert? 
You don't need a permit to travel on the Queensland side of the Simpson Desert, but you will require a South Australia Desert Parks Pass to continue beyond Poeppel Corner.

Should I contact anyone before Departure?Sand Dunes
Yes. Contact family or friends about your travel route and Estimated Time of Arrival. Make sure you contact them once you have arrived at your destination.

What are the tracks like?
All single lanes, typical desert designated tracks, subject to change due to weather conditions.  Please check with authorities prior to travelling.


Big Red, 4WD Car Which is the best track to travel?
 A:  QAA line, French line, down the Knolls track and across the WAA line is the most picturesque and interesting.

 What’s are the tracks like?
 A:  The tracks can be corrugated. Take caution on the dune crests as razor back ridges occur after sandstorms creating enormous blowouts. Keep left at all times and always assume someone is coming the other way.

 Where can I camp?
 A:  Camping is permitted at any location next to the access tracks, but not more than 500m either side of the designated tracks.

 What do I do with my Rubbish?
 A:  If you take it in – then you take it out! Use town rubbish tips.

 Can I take my dog or cat?
 A:  Domestic pets are not allowed in National Parks. Please leave your pets at home!

 Take your time – you are on holiday!

Vegetation and wildlife:

The Simpson Desert is home to a range of species that have adapted to the desert environment. The vegetation within the Simpson Desert is a crucial part of the survival of the species as it provides shelter and protection from the unforgiving conditions.

You are encouraged not to feed the animals and only leave your footprints behind.


The desert landscape is dominated by parallel, wind blown sand dunes up to 20 meters high, and running north-north west to south-south east. Dunes are spaced about one kilometer apart and may extend up to 200 Kilometres. Inter-dunal areas are occupied by clay and salt pans, sand drifts and plains, and in eastern regions, gibber-iron flats. Dust storms are common in dry times.

When travelling in The Diamantina Shire we ask that you acknowledge and respect the values and beliefs of Indigenous Australians. 

More Travellers’ Tips have been compiled to assist you in ensuring a safe and enjoyable journey on the Outback Queensland page or read our local mechanic Peter Barnes travel tips


For further information please contact our Tourism Officers on: 07 4564 2000