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The Spirit of Diamantina

Experience the true frontier spirit of Diamantina, where people, heritage, places, landscapes, and wildlife converge to create an authentic Australian destination in Outback Queensland. Explore the stunning beauty of the Diamantina, with its rare flora and fauna, national parks, Channel Country, and expansive red deserts and sand dunes. This area boasts one of the world's most fragile and unique desert ecosystems, teeming with wildlife.

Covering 95,000 square kilometres, the Diamantina is rich in natural, cultural, and pastoral heritage, yet home to just 13 cattle stations and 300 residents. It encapsulates the essence of Australia's outback and is accessible to most vehicles, caravans, and motorhomes. Embark on a 4WD adventure across the Simpson Desert, camp under the stars in Diamantina National Park, and marvel at the vast gibber and grass plains of the Channel Country stretching to the horizon. This is frontier country at its finest.