Bedourie is a historic town in Channel Country, with a rich past and a bright future. Meaning ‘dust storm', Bedourie was originally inhabited by the Wangkamahdla people. In more recent times, white settlers realised the potential of the district for cattle production and profitable stations were established.

Bedourie was a major watering and rest stop in the 1880's for drovers moving cattle from the Northern Territory and northwest Queensland to the customs collection point in Birdsville, 200 kilometres to the south. Amongst others, Sir Sidney Kidman was one of the early station owners in the district. He even owned The Royal Hotel at one point, and you can still get a drink in this quaint pub if you travel to Bedourie today!

Now, Bedourie is the administrative centre of the huge 95,000 square kilometre Diamantina Shire, and perfect for a one-of-a-kind outback Queensland adventure to the far west. Perched on a sand dune and surrounded by Eyre Creek, it is a beautiful town and worth a stay.

Did you know?

Bedourie is also the birthplace of the world famous Bedourie Camp Oven! Borne out of necessity under a tree during the 1920s by a tin smith, the Bedourie Camp Oven was constructed for the drovers and cameleers who were having problems with their outback cookware. The cast iron ovens they carried were cracking and breaking under the harsh conditions of the outback.

Over time, the design for the oven was refined and was manufactured from spun steel with a tight fitting lid. In 1945, R.M. Williams began selling the ovens, and in 1966, an R.M. Williams catalogue listed the Bedourie Camp Oven with heavy duty rolled edges for sale at two pounds, fifteen shillings ($5.50).

The Bedourie camp oven is available for purchase at the Bedourie Outback Visitor Centre all year round including over the phone purchases and postage available.

In 2001, the Australian Government recognised the origins of the Bedourie Camp Oven as ‘Uniquely Australian' and noted its significance as an improvised oven used by the pioneers of the Queensland outback. In recognition of the iconic oven, a street in the ACT was named Bedourie Street in March 2001.


  • Bedourie has Telstra mobile phone coverage. Please note – you must be on a full network plan to receive coverage here.

  • There is an ATM located at the Simpson Desert Oasis Roadhouse and cash out is available at the Royal Hotel.

  • Yes. Our water comes from the Artesian Bore and is safe to drink. If you need to fill your water containers and caravan/RV tanks, please visit the Simpson Desert Oasis Roadhouse.

  • The Simpson Desert Oasis Roadhouse offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner 7 days a week. Coffee, lunch and dinner is also available at The Royal Hotel.

  • Bags of ice can be purchased from the Simpson Desert Oasis Roadhouse.

  • Yes. Wi-Fi is available from the Bedourie Outback Visitor Information Centre.

  • No. There is no pharmacy in Bedourie so please make sure you bring an adequate supply of medication with you. There is a medical clinic for emergencies, however medication needs to be brought to Bedourie with you.

  • Fuel can be purchased from Simpson Desert Oasis Roadhouse. Note: Auto Gas is not available in Bedourie.

  • Tyre repairs are availale at the Simpson Desert Oasis Roadhouse. The nearest mechanics to Bedourie are in Birdsville and Boulia.  

  • Gas refills are not available but gas bottle exchange is available at the Simpson Desert Oasis Roadhouse.

  • You can purchase stamps and post a letter at The Royal Hotel in Bedourie. 

  • Permits are available online at or call 137468 or see the Bedourie Outback Visitor Information Centre.

  • Rex Airlines fly into Bedourie from Brisbane on Mondays and Thursdays, and from Mt Isa on Tuesdays and Fridays. We are connected through these flights to the towns of Birdsville, Boulia, Windorah, Quilpie, Charleville and Toowoomba, as well as Brisbane and Mt Isa.

    Driving from the North: We are located 195 km South of Boulia; this is a fully sealed road.

    Driving from the East: We are 384 km west of Windorah, and approximately 180 km is unsealed.

    From the South: we are 186k m North of Birdsville, and there is approximately 30 km of unsealed road.


    Queensland Road Conditions:

    South Australian Road Conditions:

    Northern Territory Road Conditions:

  • The Simpson Desert Oasis Roadhouse has motel style units as well as powered and unpowered camping facilities. The Royal Hotel offers hotel rooms. Alternatively, the Diamantina Shire Council offers powered or unpowered sites at the Bedourie Tourist Park.

  • You can stock up on food supplies at the Simpson Desert Oasis Roadhouse.

  • The public toilets are located next to the Bedourie Community Centre and you can take a shower at the Bedourie Tourist Park for a small fee to use the facilities. Pay your shower fee at the Bedourie Outback Visitor Information Centre.