Betoota, 170 km east of Birdsville on a vast gibber plain, may have a population of just 2 or 3 pub staff, but it's rarely quiet! Standing 70 meters above sea level with 300 mm of annual rainfall, Betoota is rich in history. The Mithaka nation has inhabited the area for thousands of years, and ongoing research is uncovering their fascinating history.

BetootaIn 1885, Betoota became a customs post for collecting tolls on livestock moving to South Australia, operating until Federation in 1901. It was also a Cobb & Co change station and once supported three hotels, a police station, a store, and a post office.

The last-standing Betoota Hotel is a popular spot for tourists, always buzzing with activity. Visitors can explore Brown’s Creek and Deon’s Lookout for spectacular views.


Travelling between Windorah and Birdsville stop at the amazing Dreamtime Serpent, one of the sculptures in the Diamantina Shire designed by members of the native Wangkangurru/ Yarluyandi tribe. The Dreamtime Serpent is a work of art representing a series of pathways travelled through Country to connect the river systems in the Channel Country of the Diamantina Shire. This hillside artwork is created from locally sourced gravel and gibbers.

Betoota comes to life at the annual Betoota Races which kicks off the Simpson Desert Racing Carnival. Enjoy a lively Friday night dance, then try your luck with six exciting races on Saturday. Don’t miss Fashions on the Field, browse stalls, and win lucky gate prizes. Mingle with Betoota’s friendly locals, explore the historic ghost town once a Cobb and Co change station, and enjoy the scenic gibber plain surrounded by cattle stations.

Visitors can camp year-round by Brown’s Creek near the deserted Betoota Hotel.


  • Betoota does not have any mobile coverage. Satellite phones are recommended for travel in remote areas.

  • The Betoota Hotel is a popular pub and are ready to serve.

  • No. There is no pharmacy in Betoota so please make sure you bring an adequate supply of medication with you. There is also no medical clinic. The closest medical services to Betoota are in Birdsville.

  • Driving from the East: We are 220 km west of Windorah, and approximately 100 km is unsealed.

    From the West: We are 166km east of Birdsville, and much of this is unsealed road.

    From the South: We are 346km north of Innamincka, and much of this road is unsealed.


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  • There are public toilets at the Betoota Hotel, as well as at Deon’s Lookout and The Dreamtime Serpent.